Goblin Pirate Games

Welcome to Goblin Pirate Games! We are a small miniature game developer that enjoys creating awesome games for all to play.

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Ridiculous weapons, stupid pop culture references, and crazy rules in a miniature game?

Mix that with giant mech fighting, what's not to like? Arena Brutalis is a game of random mech combat, where the dice and random draw control your future. Arena Brutalis is a miniature wargame consisting of giant robots, called Animus Engines, allowing players to hot swap weapons throughout the game. The goal of the game is simple, beat the other opponent. There are different game modes, different style of plays, lots of weapons, tokens, and most importantly, lots of fun to be had. Create your favorite Animus Engine, beat your opponent, and claim the ultimate trophy, the Primus Gloria. Will Lady luck be on your side? Find out more...