The Crew

  • Dr. T - Rule maker, designer, artist, tester, website admin... basically everything.

  • Ms. Unicorn Sparkles - play tester extraordinaire

  • Beer -motivational elixir

Goblin Pirate Games (GPG) strives to make fun, low cost, and easy-to-play games for all to play, like Arena Brutalis and Emodle. GPG is owned, and operated by Brent Thal, PhD. Dr. T. creates and designs all games, lore, images, icons, and website content (everything you see on this website, arenabrutalis.com, emodle.azurewebsites.net, and any affiliate). At GPG, we love creating all types of games and fun stuff for everyone.

Need to contact us? Send an email to goblinpirategames@gmail.com.